Welcome to the Ancient Order of Hibernians – A Letter from the President

The Ancient Order of  Hibernians is the oldest Irish Catholic fraternal organization in America and I am proud to be the newly elected President of Chicago Division #1.

We have a number of challenges before us but I am extremely confident that we can meet them head-on. The most important thing we need to do is grow the membership of our organization. And we can do that by having events that capture people’s interest and imagination through sporting, entertainment, cultural, and religious appeals.

Part of the reason I am very confident we can do that is because my background is in event production and entertainment.  Here are some photos from past events.

I believe we can do all of this and more for the Ancient Order of Hibernians and build a larger and more active organization. All it takes is a little thought, care, and some elbow grease. Together – we are capable of doing this and much more.

I welcome everyone to send me ideas for events they would like to see and what they think they can do to help make those events a reality. Part of having a great event is building excitement and members of a group asking their friends and family to participate.  If those friends and family ask their friends to join them – we widen the circle and our organization grows into something much bigger and more dynamic than it was before.

So I am asking everyone to come forward with their ideas – great and small. Every idea we can discuss at the next meeting and if we have agreement – we can start putting these events on the calendar and work towards making them a great success.



William J. Kelly, President


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